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Why choose us?

Here is why:


We do our best to make your server as close as possible to your custom needs!

24/7 Uptime

Our servers are running 24/7 for you!

Security / Encryption

Our security is our highest priority after upkeep of the servers, all of our servers are encrypted.

What do we do?

Here are some of our services


Teamspeak 3 Servers, with your own free domain ip (

IPv6 Certified

We are IPv6 Certified experts, our servers are ready for IPv6

Domain Servers

We can take care of your Active Domain Services

Website Design / Hosting

We build websites to your needs, we can also host them afterwards


We make programs customized to your wishes, ask for more information

Ask for more!

Please ask for more of our services, this website is too small to put it all here!

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Feel free to send us a message about any questions you may have!